Whether you like it or not, condoms are a necessity. It is something that you must wear every time you engage in a sexual intercourse. Condoms keep you protected both from sickness and unwanted pregnancies. But do you know that there are many interesting facts about condoms? Read on to discover some of them.

Scientists believe that condoms were used way back in 11,000 BC.

Scientists were convinced that even the ancient men knew about condoms. They through the oldest paintings discovered inside the ancient caves in France. See? Even our great, great grandfathers realize that condoms are important. So always wear yours.

Condoms make sexual intercourse 10,000 times safer.

If you don’t want to acquire HIV or any other sexually transmitted diseases, then don’t risk it. The use of condom practically keeps you away from any diseases. That very high level of protection is definitely too unwise to ignore.

China holds the world record for creating the largest condom.

During the celebration of the World population Day in 2003, China made a 80 meter x 100 meter condom and placed it on top of a hotel located in Guilin, China.

An average condom can hold a gallon of liquid.

If you do a little experiment and put water inside a fully stretched-out condom, you’ll realize that it will work better than a huge jug or a canteen of water – and it won’t leak at all. Quite impressive, huh?

Before latex condoms were discovered, other materials were used.

If you are complaining about the thickness of your latex condom, think about this: the ancient Egyptians use animal bladder for condoms. And there are condoms made with fish skin, linen, leather, and silk. It’s your choice.

 Condoms are a standard issue for military men.

This is true for the German military men of the 19th century. And from 1927 to 1931, all American soldiers were distributed condoms. Mainly because of this fact, you may now think of condoms to be as essential as guns while in combat.

Condoms are the cheapest birth control method.

Men and women need not worry about themselves with birth control and contraception. A condom costs as little as $0.10; sometimes even given out for free. Think about that and compare it with a lifelong responsibility.

Condoms don’t take the fun out of sex.

If you think that wearing condoms during intercourse can negatively affect the way you perform with your partner, think again. With the different type of condoms today, that is no longer the case. It all boils down to wearing the brand that can give you the best fit and the best experience of all. So don’t stop looking!




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