Pyongyang on Wednesday tested its third intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which it claimed was capable of striking anywhere in the United States snapping a two-month pause in missile launches. North Korean leader Kim said the test of the Hwasong-15 weapons system had helped his country achieve the goal of becoming a full nuclear power, as the international community expressed outrage. Members of the United Nations Security Council strongly condemned North Korea’s successful launch during which US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said the rogue regime’s actions have brought the world “closer to war.”

“The dictator of North Korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war, not farther from it,” Haley said. “We have never sought war with North Korea, and still today we do not seek it. If war does come, it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday.” “And if war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed,” she added.

“Yesterday, the North Korean regime made a choice. It chose to feed its nuclear aggression. It chose to thumb its nose at the civilized world. It chose to challenge the patience of a world united against its recklessness,” Haley said.


Haley stressed that the nations of the world “have it within our power, to further isolate, diminish, and, God willing, reverse the dangerous course of the North Korean regime” and called on all nations to “cut off all ties with North Korea.

Haley said Trump had called Chinese President Xi Jinping and urged him to “cut off the oil from North Korea.”That would be a pivotal step in the world´s effort to stop this international pariah,” she said, issuing a stern warning to Kim. “In addition to fully implementing all UN sanctions, all countries should sever diplomatic relations with North Korea and limit military, scientific, technical, or commercial cooperation,” she said. “They must also cut off trade with the regime by stopping all imports and exports, and expel all North Korean workers.”‘

The war of words between Washington and Pyongyang continued early on Wednesday as Trump tweeted that “additional major sanctions will be imposed on North Korea … this situation will be handled!” and later called Kim “a sick puppy.”

A North Korean military official said “old lunatic Trump” is daunted by their “new gift package” following the ICBM launch, a report by state news agency KCNA said. At the UN Haley also noted that Trump called Chinese President Xi Jinping, telling him it was time for China to cut off oil supplies to North Korea. “We need China to do more,” she added. Haley also suggested the removal of North Korea’s voting powers at the UN.

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