A rental home in Honolulu where nudists hold naked yoga parties has reportedly prompted allegations of criminal activity at the so-called “Freedom House,” including prostitution, sexual assault and child sex crimes.

Investigations by police and child protective services are now under way in connection with the “clothing-optional” home in upper Nuuanu, where a mother claims her 5-year-old daughter saw sex acts and nudity while visiting with the girl’s father.

“She was sad, mad and confused why everybody has to be naked,” the unidentified woman told Hawaii News Now, adding that her daughter even drew a detailed picture of what she saw at the home of “graphic artists and website designers,” according to its website,

“We here at ‘The Freedom House’ believe in having no negative judgment of others and living your life on your own terms, while respecting others completely,” the website reads. “We are not a business. We are just a place where like-minded people can gather.”

All joking aside this is undoubtedly a very fucked up story. Anyone who would bring a 5-year old to any sort of event happening at the “Freedom House”, a place known amongst nudists and those seeking alternative sexual experiences as a place where you don’t have to wear clothes and also can have alternative sexual experiences, should immediately have said child taken away from them.

Even if you take out the part involving the innocent little girl, the fact that there’s any question as to what’s been going on at this house all these years is fucking bananas. No shit there’s been some inappropriate stuff going on. People need to get their heads out of the sand and open their eyes! You don’t spend time amongst nudists, participating in “Naked Taco Tuesday” and swimming in semen-filled hot tubs because you’re someone vehemently against putting others in uncomfortable sexual situations.

That’s literally the basic concept of being a nudist. You’re deciding you’re gonna do something that is going to immediately put EVERYONE around you in an uncomfortable situation, and you’re screaming loudly that you don’t give a fuck in the process. You think anyone showing up to party at the goddamn Freedom House is worried about your feelings while their soft penis flops around like a baby elephant’s trunk as he nervously approaches the local watering hole for the first time? Think again. OF COURSE things got weird here, guys.

This collection of thoughtful commentary would be amiss without mention of Ms. Amy Highmoor, the woman who rents this house and hosts these bizarre sexy parties. She had the audacity to get in front of cameras with her lawyer and flat out deny every single one of these allegations.

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