There’s a new product on the market that might make women who jog alone feel a little bit safer. It’s called Go Guarded, and it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for a women who enjoys running by herself.


As much as we hate having to think this way, it’s reality that women are the victims of sexual assault far more often than men. Although the U.S. Department of Justice doesn’t have an available statistic for attacks on runners, we do know that women out on their own face dangers their male counterparts simply do not. Just this past summer saw the murders of three female joggers in the space of nine days, sparking fear in women who typically enjoy running by themselves.

Of course, that fear is somewhere in our minds regardless of what we see on the news, but this year’s spate of killings reminds us that we need to be vigilant and protect ourselves as best as we can. Go Guarded is a discreet and unobtrusive way to up our chances of escaping an attempted attack. And for the low price of $16, it’s hard to see why any woman who jogs alone would decide not to use one.

If you’re a woman who likes to jog but you don’t always feel as safe as you’d like to, this clever little anti-assault ring might be just the thing you’re looking for. It’s called Go Guarded and it’s a plastic weapon with a serrated edge that can be worn on any finger. It can’t be easily knocked out of your hand like other anti-assault devices such as mace, pepper spray, and rape alarms, and it might just give you a fighting chance should you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

“There are countless horror stories of runners and joggers assaulted, raped, or murdered across the U.S.,” explains the product’s website. “Go Guarded is a new option for active woman to defend themselves. You will naturally use your hands to fight off an attack. With Go Guarded on your finger, you can increase your effectiveness in escaping an attack and reaching safety.”

“Go Guarded is a new option for active woman to defend themselves. Go Guarded is a heavy-duty plastic serrated-edge weapon that is worn on any finger. It is convenient, effective, comfortable, and always ready. Unlike mace or pepper spray, Go Guarded will not need to be retrieved from a fanny pack, spray back on you, or be knocked out of your hand.”

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