Ranveer Singh Took Home The Award For 2018’s Craziest Outfit

Ranveer Singh is back. Well, he was always around, but he’s back to ‘being Ranveer’ – which now that we come to think of, should be a legit expression that has to do with Mr Singh’s crazy fashion escapades.

There is a reason he’s the first name that comes to anyone’s mind whenever new age Indian fashion is being talked about, and he keeps on reiterating that – time and time again.  No one is as fearless and as fiercely original as he is. He just stepped out wearing an insanely colourful ensemble, that we can’t get over. Take a look:

Speechless, are you? Well, we don’t blame you because that is the reaction this outfit warrants. One won’t know where to look, because every inch of the outfit is full of super fun and playful designs and patterns – that somehow seems to be an extension of Ranveer’s colourful persona.

The fact that he chose to wear an entire suit made of that crazy patterned fabric is proof of how gutsy he is, not that this is the first time he has gone ahead and worn something like this. But anyway, who else in Bollywood can pull it off without making it look super awkward? The answer, as Arya Stark would say, is ‘no one’.

Ranveer chose to wear a plain white T-shirt (or is that a tank top) inside to balance out the insanity outside, which is working perfectly well for him. Anything else would be just out of place.

Coming to his footwear, we are in love with the Pharrell Williams x Adidas Afro HU NMD – EMPOWER INSPIRE sneakers. The Pharrell Williams series is Ranveer’s favourite anyway, as has been evident from his outfits since months now. And why won’t they be? They clearly take the top spot when it comes to ‘cool sneakers’.

All we can say is Rohit Shetty couldn’t have landed himself a better ‘Simmba’.

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