A new M&M flavour has been announced to the joy of candy-lovers – and it’s inspired by everyone’s favourite spread.

On Tuesday, Mars Inc. revealed it will be releasing M&M chocolate bars as well as a hazelnut spread M&M. The best-known hazelnut spread is Nutella, however the new candy will contain a generic version.

The new flavour will be incorporated into the classic version of the candies – combining the milk chocolate M&M with a hazelnut spread centre. The news has been met with excitement on Twitter – where chocolate fans are praising the collaboration.

“Anything with Nutella and M&Ms is a winner,” one person wrote. Another said: “OMG. This should be the lead on every news channel.”

For those who can’t get enough of the candy giant’s beloved hard-shelled candies, the new milk chocolate bars, available in December, will contain whole M&M minis – and come in peanut, milk chocolate, crispy, almond and crispy mint flavours.

The new products join the three other M&M flavours released this month – English Toffee Peanut, Mexican Jalapeno Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut.

Of the decision to introduce Nutella-inspired M&Ms, senior brand director of the M&M’s brand Allison Miazga-Bedrick told USA Today: “The industry is changing and consumer tastes are evolving.

“We’re continuing to recognise and anticipate demand.” Unfortunately, the new hazelnut candies won’t be available until April 2019. The company also gave chocoholics waiting for the treats to hit shelves an idea of what to expect.

M&M fans were in for a sweet surprise on Tuesday, when the company behind the candy brand shared plans for two new products: chocolate bars and hazelnut-flavored candies.

There will be five types of chocolate bar flavors: almond, crispy, crispy mint, milk chocolate and peanut.

The snacks “consist of smooth milk chocolate with whole M&M’S® Minis visible throughout a large, molded and sharable bar format,” Mars Incorporated said.

M&M’S Hazelnut Spread Chocolate Candies will be coated in milk chocolate and will be sold in teal-colored packaging.




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