Did you know that apart from eyes, your smile is the most prominent feature on the face? This implies that you ought to take extra care of it. And you might think that flossing, brushing and avoiding sugary items is what it takes for good oral hygiene. But when it comes to oral health, there are a certain type of foods that must be avoided or if not totally eliminated, should be eaten in moderate quantity. So, here are the culprits that can wreak havoc to your oral hygiene.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS: These super seeds are not bad for your chompers but their hard outer shell can cause harm. Doctors recommend hulled seeds as a protein-packed snack.

MINTS: These mints may give you fresh breath but they are not good for your oral health. Some kind of breath mints are saturated with sugar and they promote bacterial growth. This can cause various oral health issues and can cause tooth decay. If you want to eat them, go for sugar-free mints.

DRIED FRUITS: Dried fruits are full of vitamins and fiber but as these fruits are stickier, they can leave concentrated sugar and acid on your teeth. The deposited sugar can feast the bacteria and can cause oral health issues.

VINEGAR: Eating a lot of foods with added vinegar can increase the risk of enamel erosion. If you want to add vinegar in your salads or other food items, add lettuce to reduce dental damage.

ICE CUBES: Chewing on ice is bad for your oral health. As both ice and tooth enamel are made up of crystals, pushing two crystals against each other will lead to breaking either of them.

FLAVOURED WATER: Staying hydrated is beneficial but not at the cost of your oral health. Flavoured water contains citric acid, which could lead to enamel erosion. And once this protective layer erodes, your teeth become vulnerable to cavities and decay.

SPORTS DRINKS: Sports drinks are loaded with sugar and hence, they are not a safe option for your oral health. Avoid these drinks and instead drink water if you want to re-energize yourself after a long work out.


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