It’s time to rock and roll on the road with Finland introducing the world’s first taxi that is paid according to passengers’ singing strength. Clean-energy company Fortum will trial the service at a music festival next month to “highlight the ease and convenience of making a clean choice by driving an electric car”.

The Singalong Shuttle cars are equipped with a meter that tracks the sound level during emission-free rides. The BMW i3 electric cars also have a tablet so passengers can choose the songs they want to sing.

Passengers can pay for taxi rides by singing this summer with a new ride-sharing service. Refusing cash or card, Fortum Singalong Shuttle drivers are only taking payment in the form of karaoke.

Arriving at the Ruisrock festival in Finland from 6-8 July, the service combines rideshares with carpool karaoke. Over the three day event, festival goers can use the environmentally friendly, emission-free electric cars without spending a penny.

Each car has its own tablet, allowing passengers to choose a song and follow the lyrics together. But, if passengers stop singing, they will quickly find their ride grinding to a halt.

Powered by clean-energy company Fortum, the taxi service is designed to engage customers and inspire them to lead the charge for a cleaner world. The company is sponsoring a series of BMW electric cars and transforming them into a fleet of emission-free taxis.

‘‘With Singalong Shuttle we want to show people in a joyful way how comfortable and easy it is to drive an electric car. The silent electric cars make it possible to enjoy singing without background noise and emissions’’ says company brand manager Jussi Mälkiä.

One of the largest energy providers in the Nordic region, the company is  trying to introduce festival-goers to a sustainable way of life in keeping with its focus on smart solutions for the future.

Passengers now have the opportunity to experience their own carpool karaoke – popularised by the comedian James Corden’s viral segment where celebrity guests sing in his car – in between enjoying the second-oldest rock festival in Europe.

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