The avocado obsession is oh-so real, and new cultural installation is smashing into San Diego this summer to prove it. That’s right: The fruit is getting its own pop-up museum, meaning your craziest avo dream is ripe to come true.

Tickets for The Cado—an immersive pop-up experience that will be open from June to August at Liberty Station in San Diego—will be available for $27 on the museum’s website starting April 10, according to a press release. And, they’re probably going to sell fast: The 6,700 square-foot mobile exhibition (which is made from shipping containers) takes you inside a California avocado with multi-sensory experiences that will let you enjoy the creamy, fiber-rich fruit in a totally new way.

According to the release, the installation teaches you how to pick the perfect avocado by touching walls in the “Ripe Room” that are textured like its skin then transports you through its green ombré-colored flesh to the center. You’ll also get to play around with some of its beauty benefits in a powder room that’s basically made for selfies, as well as peruse items in a futuristic, avocado-centric grocery store. So, um, maybe start brainstorming your captions for this Instagram bait now?

Throughout the experience, you’ll also get to enjoy the fragrance of California avocado trees and eat tasty avocado bites from local restaurants. And who knows? After learning so much, you might see your next perfectly smashed avocado toast in a whole new light.

Yep, 6,700 square foot of pop-up, stony fruit madness.

It’ll be spread across 16 shipping containers and aims to capture every facet of the avocado and its place in contemporary society. As you’d expect from a space dedicated to the millennial fruit of choice, it’ll be super-Instagrammable. Cado will have a 100-ft long ombre hallway designed to look like the avocado’s outer layer, with a selfie-friendly bathroom dedicated to the fruit’s beauty benefits.

The gift shop is your chance to buy avocado-packed foodstuffs like avocado milk and cereal – as well as your regular t-shirts and badges. And of course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try snacks from local avocado-heavy eateries. Finally, our favourite stony friend gets its proper place in history.


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