People have been stewing over the correct answer to a coffee-themed puzzle. A Twitter user shared the logic quiz, in which coffee is poured into a network of pipes leading to four different cups, on Thursday.

The brainteaser is made up of one funnel pouring into various pipes, which lead to four different coffee mugs. Those doing the puzzle are challenged to find out which of the four cups – from 4 to 5, 7 and 9 – will get served first.

A picture of the brainteaser was posted on Twitter yesterday, and thousands of people have attempted to solve it, so can YOU get it right?

It’s much harder than you think, with some thinking the cups would “all get it at the same time”, and others still getting it wrong despite meticulously studying the shape of the faucets and square containers.

While one frustrated bloke simply tweeted: “I’m out”. If you think you’ve cracked it, read on for the answer…

If you guessed number 5, then you’re correct. If you look closely, that cup is the ONLY one whose route to the cup isn’t blocked. And people are absolutely flabbergasted, with Sulayman Zaraei writing: “how did i not notice that”.

The picture of the puzzle has gone viral, racking up more than 1,700 likes, 700 comments and 760 re-tweets since it was posted yesterday.

Why not challenge your friends, and see if they can crack it?

You have to figure out which of the cups will receive coffee first:

The brainteaser sparked plenty of debate:



Some people answered correctly, but many appeared to miss one key point.

Need a hint? Take a closer look at the details in each pipe.

If you answered cup number 5, you are correct! Cup 5 will fill up first because the pipes leading to cups 4, 9, and 7 are blocked. One user created a helpful diagram that explains the solution:

Coffee will actually end up in only one cup ― number 5. That’s because the pathways to the other three cups are all sealed off, as another Twitter user illustrated here:

Bravo to all those who nailed the challenge on their own.

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