Bloomberg Ranking Richest in the World: Bill Gates at no.1

#1 Bloomberg ranking richest in the world: Bill Gates at no.1 Among 200 billionaires for the exercise Bloomberg has released a list of the ten richest people in the world. Bill Gates at number 1, Jeff Bezos at number 4, Mark Zuckerberg at number 8 and Warren Buffett at number 3.  Years of hard work  gets people […]

Ravindra Jadeja Placed NUMBER ONE Bowler in ICC Test Rankings

Ravindra Jadeja Placed #1  in ICC Test Rankings Ravindra Jadeja ranked as number one bowler in the ICC’s Test rankings.He gained seven points to become the world number one bowler. Ravichandran Ashwin, who lost 37 points after a dismal performance in India’s drawn Test against Australia in Ranchi, Jadeja placed top. Jadeja’s perfomance in ongoing […]