Marlon Brando , popular intense celebrity of all time

#1 Marlon Brando, Jr.-  is popular intense celebrity of all time.  Marlon Brando  was an American actor, film director and activist. He is credited with bringing realism to film acting. He helped to popularize the Stanislavski system of acting, studying with Stella Adler in the 1940s. Brando is most famous for his Academy Award-winning performances […]

Jerry Seinfeld- Richest actor in the world

#1 Jerry Seinfeld – Net worth: USD820 million-  is the richest actor in the world who  rank over Shahrukh Khan from Bollywood Jerry Seinfeld – Richest actor in the world Jerome Allen “Jerry” Seinfeld was born April 29, 1954. He is an American comedian, actor and writer. After updated news from Magazine Foxnews to our […]

The Godfather

#1 The Godfather counted as the best movie of all time No doubt the best movie of all time. This has one of the better casts ever in a movie.

The Exorcist

#1 The Exorcist – the movie considered as the scariest shooted in real style By far best of this genre ever. Even if you ignore the gruesome special effects, the movie was still superbly acted and directed. Everything else is distant second.